A even though back, ATEEZ experienced an job interview with Melon where they answered a bunch of pretty random queries, and 1 of the thoughts that every single member answered separately was which Hogwarts property they feel they would belong in if they had been in the Harry Potter universe! A lot more just lately, lovers on Reddit also discussed which residence they feel every member would belong in, and while a couple were the very same as what the associates stated them selves, most ended up quite distinctive!

Here’s a comparison of the properties that the customers decide on for on their own in contrast to the most typical fan thoughts from the Reddit article. Recall, these are all just for entertaining!

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong’s impression: Ravenclaw


Fans’ belief: Gryffindor/Slytherin

Like with most conditions when seeking to ascertain someone’s Hogwarts home, all the things really just comes down to view and reasoning, which would make all of these responses subjective. Fans appeared to have the most difficulty deciding on a property for Hongjoong out of all the customers! While he chose Ravenclaw for himself — which tends to make perception, provided that he is incredibly intelligent, specifically when it comes to songs manufacturing — supporters had been largely torn among Gryffindor and Slytherin!

There’s no question that he’s a superb leader and has boldly tried all varieties of unique and even unconventional designs in his new music and trend, which can be noticed as Gryffindor traits, he is also very self-pushed and ambitious, which would make him lean a tiny much more toward Slytherin! Slytherdor, maybe?

2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa’s belief: Gryffindor


Fans’ view: Hufflepuff

While Seonghwa selected Gryffindor for himself, lovers by far voted for him as a Hufflepuff! Like the rest of ATEEZ, he does have a particular charisma and boldness about him in his effectiveness design and style that could be Gryffindor features. However, he is also an incredibly individual, faithful, and light particular person off-stage, and generally viewed as acquiring a “maternal” position in the team that are without doubt why many admirers see him fitting into Hufflepuff!

3. Yunho

Yunho’s viewpoint: Gryffindor

Fans’ feeling: Hufflepuff

Like Seonghwa, Yunho also voted himself in Gryffindor while lovers considered he was superior suited for Hufflepuff! He does in good shape the brave and sturdy vibes of a Gryffindor, in particular with how tall and bold he is, but enthusiasts are perfectly-mindful that despite his measurement he’s genuinely a mild huge that is extremely welcoming and seems to get alongside very well with everyone! A number of followers even in contrast him to Cedric Diggory: Very good-on the lookout, good at everything, delighted-go-fortunate, and an all-all over warm and sweet man!

4. Yeosang

Yeosang’s opinion: Gryffindor


Fans’ impression: Slytherin/Ravenclaw

Like the greater part of ATEEZ, Yeosang also said he thinks he would suit very best in Gryffindor! In contrast, even so, supporters by a vast majority assumed he would be superior suited for Slytherin, with Ravenclaw as a shut second. The identical argument could be manufactured for him as past customers for Gryffindor, having said that, he also surely has a sly and cunning edge that may set him extra in Slytherin territory (keep in mind him shamelessly contacting out other members’ uncomfortable habits?)! Then again, he is not always so savage and unquestionably has a soft facet whilst also nevertheless becoming clever, so maybe Ravenclaw would be the proper alternative in the finish!

5. San

San’s impression: Slytherin/Griffindor

Fans’ belief: Hufflepuff

In the job interview, San first wrote Slytherin for himself before shifting to, of class, Gryffindor. Evidently it was a admirer that experienced provided him the idea of staying a Slytherin, but in the Reddit publish, Hufflepuff was basically the most well known choice for him! Admirers know San to be a vibrant, cheerful, substantial-vitality particular person that would seem to make him a good preference for Hufflepuff, though there is also an argument that he is the real definition of a Slytherpuff: Delicate and sweet on a single hand, but bold and mischievous on the other, providing him the ideal duality!

6. Mingi

Mingi’s feeling: Ravenclaw

Fans’ view: Ravenclaw

Mingi is one particular of only two members in the team where his option and fans’ too much to handle option had been the exact same! Even though he acts very foolish and childish at occasions, ATINYs know that Mingi is particularly clever, specially when it will come to writing tune lyrics. He also was the greatest out of all the users in resolving math equations! He’s no question a extremely clever and innovative human being that would correctly match Ravenclaw.

7. Wooyoung

Wooyoung’s opinion: Gryffindor


Fans’ viewpoint: Gryffindor

Wooyoung was the other member of the group whose opinion matched with fans’ thoughts! A person supporter pointed out that it was very brave of him to consider the possibility and comply with Yeosang to KQ Leisure relatively than being at BigHit Entertainment as a trainee, inspite of it being his desire company as a BTS lover. He would seem to appreciate staying in the center of consideration and usually has the other members’ backs, so Gryffindor looks to be a good in good shape for him!

8. Jongho

Jongho’s belief: Gryffindor


Fans’ impression: Slytherin


Finally, Jongho also chose Gryffindor for himself, but fans truly assumed he would be better suited for Slytherin! He was an additional member, even though, that many lovers seemed pretty torn more than given that he has so several exclusive and at times contrasting characteristics. Even though he’s the maknae of ATEEZ, he is usually regarded the most mature, and the other customers appear to be to really regard him and his place in spite of getting more mature than him. He’s powerful, but also witty and formidable, so in the end it could quite possibly be a toss-up among Gryffindor and Slytherin and up to him to make his possess selection!

Resource: ATEEZ Translations and Reddit

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