New is happy to host the distinctive earth premiere of ‘Bleed With Who?’ by Undertaking213.

Task213 is an explosion of concepts. Thriving in a laboratory of instruments and embedded in a assortment of odd circumstances, Jared Hallock’s eclectic technique to self-expression cascades his musical perspectives more than punk and rock sensibilities.

Previous year’s releases “Naughty Jenny” and “Shit’s so Cool” have solidified the group’s multifarious technique, and “Bleed With Who?” even more improves their a little-psychedelic views. “Bleed With Who?” is a track about the loss of life of your ego a tune about eventually acknowledging that you are a pretty butterfly.

Riding high on the momentum from past year’s video release of “Naughty Jenny”, Venture213 normally takes a bit of an inventive still left switch and lands somewhere in concerning the minds of Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. Their new new music video clip for “Bleed With Who?” presents a visual and aural exploration of metamorphosis by using blooming butterfly imagery juxtaposed about crunchy guitars, and pounding drums.

Relatively than a standard narrative, the visuals for “Bleed with Who?” offer you a moment in time when the issue of the tune is busy decomposing into lovely butterflies. A complete onslaught of these metaphors make their way from a shattered head and trip the breeze, rhythmically pulsing with existence, onward. The tale of both the video clip and the music is observed in the path of their flight, most whipped away on a breeze, with a handful of breaking absent and forging a new path.

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