Whether it’s through their lyrics and performances or in-depth interviews, SEVENTEEN never fails to up-front about their thoughts and perspectives—positive and negative.

When the group opened up about their fears, Mingyu shared one that would break anyone’s heart.

Back when SEVENTEEN was promoting “Fear”, MTV News asked the group what they were afraid of. DK started off on a light-hearted note by noting how scary insects with an endless supply of legs were, “I’m kind of afraid of bugs with a lot of legs.

When Mingyu spoke up next, he agreed with that fear. “I’m also afraid of bugs, but…” There was something else he feared far more, though.

Steering the question in a much deeper direction, Mingyu opened up about the fear of not succeeding: “…my biggest fear is not being able to accomplish anything anymore.

No matter where in the world someone is from or who they are, everyone can relate to the natural fear of not wanting to fail. To hear Mingyu—who’s part of such a successful group as SEVENTEEN—open up about it is heartbreaking.

The fact that Mingyu constantly overcomes that feeling to remain the warm and multi-talented idol that Carats know and love proves just how strong he is.

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