Rookie singer Kyung Seo is facing sajaegi (chart manipulation) allegations after the release of her latest song “Shiny Star“.

Kyung Seo dropped “Shiny Star” a week ago, and netizens began questioning the track’s place in 2nd on music charts just below BTS‘ recently released song “Life Goes On“. On November 21, netizens began commenting on the new singer, stating, “Isn’t this an amazing newbie? Who are you,” “This can’t happen unless for some reason it’s on ARMY’s playlist,” and more.

Others refuted the allegations, writing, “Maybe because it was promoted on social media,” “The song is a masterpiece,” “The song itself is famous on Cyworld, so people of that generation may like it,” and more.

Kyung Seo is a college student who finished runner-up on Channel A‘s ‘Vocal Play 2‘. “Shiny Star” is her debut track, and it samples the song of the same name released in 2010, which topped Cyworld’s background music chart.


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