There will come a time when we’ve looked at the attractive faces of our biases extensive ample that we become as acquainted with them as we are our personal. We can effortlessly obtain them in a massive crowd, we can convey to if they’ve been egregiously photoshopped in magazine shoots, and if they have a beauty mark, you can guess we know the correct place it lies on their faces.

Now, do you believe you can do the job the exact same magic with rookie boy team ENHYPEN? We’ve compiled some blocked out pictures and zoomed-in overall body sections to examination just how acquainted you are with the boys. So, go in advance and…Guess! That! Member!

Were being you acquainted more than enough with the ENHYPEN boys that you could breeze via the quiz? Permit us know your success in the comments beneath!

Belinda_C is so happy of how perfectly the boys have been undertaking! To larger and greater things! Talk SEVENTEEN, and Shinhwa with her on Twitter!

How does this report make you sense?

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