L.O.Λ.Es are furious at Pledis Enjoyment.

NU’EST has not had promotions since May last calendar year with “I’m in Issues“. Furthermore, ‘Love Story: NU’EST Lab’, the boys’ truth present collection, has been discontinued since November 2020. Even with guarantees to appear again in 2021, there has been no information about the series coming back. NU’EST admirers have pointed out that Pledis Leisure has ongoing a similar series for Seventeen (‘Going Seventeen‘) without the need of any difficulties. NU’EST also does not have a season’s greetings in 2021.

Despite several retailers expressing hope to do the job with NU’EST, Pledis Entertainment has refused them. For illustration, Lee Youthful Ja and Kim Sook equally required NU’EST to be on ‘K-Bob Star’, the Gangwon-do province wanted JR as an ambassador, and ‘Life & Dogue’ requested to have a photoshoot with Aron and his pet dogs. The latter two overtly said that Pledis Leisure did not want to do the job with them.

Since Pledis Enjoyment has a record of abandoning NU’EST (i.e. right before ‘Develop 101‘), L.O.Λ.Es are particularly anxious and have started to pattern ‘#PledisStopNUESTMistreatment‘.

You can look at out the hashtag listed here.

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