SEOUL, Oct. 26 (Yonhap) — The 2003 Japanese romance drama, “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish” directed by Inudo Isshin, has been 1 of the maximum rated coming-of-age flicks in a long time among movie buffs in South Korea.

The film, dependent on a 1985 Japanese brief tale of the exact same identify by Seiko Tanabe, follows the expansion of a lady in a wheelchair, who actions out of her confined residence to the outer earth and stands on her ft even soon after her grandmother dies and her boyfriend leaves.

In a 2020 animated adaptation, the closing movie of the Oct. 21-30 Busan Intercontinental Movie Pageant, director Kotaro Tamura took a hotter, brighter and mellower tone to concentrate on the marriage involving the female, Kumiko, nicknamed Josee, and her boyfriend, Tsuneo, and their pursuit of their dreams.

Tsuneo, a college or university student, has a part-time task at a scuba diving store to make money for his desire to analyze maritime biology in Mexico.

One day, he runs into Josee, a bookworm who lives with her grandmother and hardly ever arrives out of her home owing to her inherent incapacity and the grandmother’s overprotection.

The two get deeply associated with every other as Tsuneo accepts the grandmother’s offer you to acquire treatment of her touchy granddaughter as a remarkably compensated portion-time career.

With his assist, Josee learns how to experience the world, which she has in no way experimented with to do, and opens her brain to it.

She sees the ocean for the to start with time and a tiger as nicely, the most terrifying animal in her imagination. She will make her to start with woman buddy at a nearby library, who is also a supporter of French writer Francoise Sagan, who influenced her to nickname herself “Josee.”

But the couple’s relationship results in being strained owing to Tsuneo’s approaching departure to analyze abroad. Josee disappears to the sea all over again by herself, and Tsuneo goes to look for for her. He seriously injures his ankle in a visitors accident.

This time, Josee requires the purpose as his pal and can help Tsuneo, who is distraught as the injuries deprives him of his likelihood to study abroad.

The first movie tells the tale of Josee’s progress and romance with a bittersweet angle that Josee and Tsuneo really like each other but sense their marriage will end from the starting.

On the other hand, the animated variation makes a fantasy that Josee is productively far better off and even has the courage to assistance many others. Their really like also faces some road blocks and walks on a tightrope in some cases, but its finale is not weighed down by the truth.

Its delicate pastel shades and shiny soundtracks also increase to the fairytale-like storytelling of the animation.

It might disappoint these who have solid recollections of the 2003 dwell-action film and very long for its reprise. But it will satisfy a wider assortment of admirers who need a heartwarming tale that has resonated with quite a few people for additional than a 10 years.

The animated remake of “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish” has its world premiere Friday, the last working day of the 25th BIFF.


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