[OSEN=장우영 기자] The coat I picked up from the garments bin is 4 million gained! The gown worn at the wedding day is 80 million received! Jeon Ji-hyun’s’Billion!’ Seem fashion is drawing attention.

In the’Women Managing on the Chart’ of KBS2’s’All 12 months Live’, which aired on the 30th of final month, stars’ exploration of’Woman & Huk’ trend was drawn. It was Jeon Ji-hyun’s vogue that captivated consideration when discovering the fashions of various stars these kinds of as Lee Hyo-ri, Kim So-yeon, Jo Se-ho, Girls’ Technology, and BTS.

Jeon Ji-hyun’s vogue is attracting notice to the extent that there is a joke that’when Jeon Ji-hyun is chosen as an advertisement design, the firm’s stock selling price rises’, who is an immovable CF queen.

On this working day,’Live All Year’ concentrated on Jeon Ji-hyun’s drama trend. In a single drama, the coat that Jeon Ji-hyun took out of the outfits assortment box was a item of a French luxury brand, and it price tag about 4 million gained.

The pink costume was also of a brand name that is counted as one particular of the top 3 luxury goods, which amounted to 10 million gained. In individual, the white blouse that took benefit of Jeon Ji-hyun’s classy and lavish allure was also known as this model, and it was recognized that the shirt by itself was worthy of 12 million gained, which was a shock.

Jeon Ji-hyun, who runs at the finish of’powerfulness’ like this, is’won!’ It was also a warm topic for luxury weddings that sounded. It captivated focus so that it rated initial in the’Legend Wedding’ selected by’A Lady Working on the Chart’ of’Live All Year’.

When he married Choi Jun-hyuk, an entrepreneur in 2012, Jeon Ji-hyun declined all sponsorships and was regarded to have procured a wedding day gown really worth 80 million won. Also, at the reception, she wore a hanbok created by her late grandmother Lee Younger-hee, a hanbok designer.

In addition, the luxury ring showcased in the marriage ceremony pictorial is estimated to be 500 million won, and the tiara applied at the marriage was a item of the French royal family, which was a surprise of 1.2 billion won.

Even so, it was not that Jeon Ji-hyun only seemed great with luxurious merchandise. When he was lively as an outdoor model marketing design, he established a luxurious item that was a lot more fantastic than a luxury merchandise with a match that evoked admiration.

[OSEN=지형준 기자]  Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is posing at a jewelry brand photo event held at Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 12th.  /jpnews@osen.co.kr

Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is posing at a jewellery brand image occasion.

[OSEN=곽영래 기자]  Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is posing at the launching ceremony of the women's wear brand'MICHAA' 2018 Winter Icon Collection held at the Hyundai Department Store's trade center branch in Samseong-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th.  / youngrae@osen.co.kr

Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is posing at a ceremony to commemorate the start of a women’s clothes brand’s 2018 Winter Icon Collection.

[OSEN=최규한 기자]  Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is taking a photo time by attending the product launch event of'Rouge & Lounge' held at the main branch of Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 13th.  /dreamer@osen.co.kr

Actor Jeon Ji-hyun attended a fashion brand name opening function.

[OSEN=곽영래 기자]Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is having a photo time.  / youngrae@osen.co.kr

Actor Jeon Ji-hyun attended an function to rejoice the opening of an eyewear brand name pop-up retailer.

[OSEN=조은정 기자]  On the morning of the 12th, at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul, Sogong-dong, Seoul, the'Warm World' campaign with actors Jeon Ji-hyun and Jang Ki-yong of an outdoor brand was held.  /cej@osen.co.kr

Jeon Ji-hyun participated in an outside brand’s’Warm World’ marketing campaign.

Actor Jeon Ji-hyun is posing at the manufacturing presentation of’Legend of the Blue Sea’.

[OSEN=곽영래 기자]  Actor Jeon Ji-hyun attends the'UV Mist Cushion' launch ceremony held at the Hera pop-up store in Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 19th and has a photo time.  / youngrae@osen.co.kr

Jeon Ji-hyun, who is normally receiving consideration like this, is scheduled to return to tvN’s new drama’Jirisan’. /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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