Not long ago, information unveiled that the forthcoming drama dependent on the BTS Universe would be titled YOUTH and performed by seven rookie actors. While news of the drama attained interest, it quickly received criticism following followers observed out that they would be employing the members’ authentic names in the drama.

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Hashtags and requests to Massive Hit Entertainment were created, urging them to modify the characters’ names to fictitious kinds.

Just before we get into the motives as to why K-netizens’ do not believe it’s these types of a superior idea to use BTS’s genuine names, here’s a little bit of background information for all those that may not be familiar with the BTS Universe (BU).

Just as the diagram states, the BTS Universe can be divided into a few diverse kinds. The 1st staying music videos and video clip content material. In this kind of content material, the users on their own appear in the video clip. The 2nd is webtoon, publications, and games where by the story line is expressed by means of words and phrases and photos. The third type is drama where by a 3rd human being get together functions out the members of BTS.

The to start with sort reveals limited scenes with oblique metaphors that specific the precarious and uneasy youth so it isn’t that stimulating. Also, for the reason that the users appeared right in the video clips, numerous fans’ reactions had been beneficial and felt that it was a element of the theories for the story line.

But in the second form with webtoons, textbooks, and game titles, the story line commences to unravel a additional detailed universe. At this position, the people become a lot more precise these kinds of as associates generating severe possibilities, sons of lawmakers, remarried households with action brothers, dead girlfriends, and so forth. Though quite a few fans may possibly be a little bit amazed at the detail of the tale line, they nevertheless approved it as much more theories and connected it to the BTS Universe. The 2nd sort were being also mainly viewed by admirers only so it was possible to go on observing it if require be.

But for the third type with drama, it appeared to have crossed some boundaries. By making use of an lively idol group’s serious names for a drama that depicts the BU tale line by actors that are not BTS that is to be aired to the general public doesn’t seem like these a great idea.

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Folks who look at dramas but don’t know anything at all about BTS or the story line will check out this drama and misunderstand the story line to be the real tale of the users, creating it difficult to distinguish fact from fantasy.

By applying their actual names, it will trigger all long run content articles penned about the drama to be stated employing their authentic names, building it seem like the customers ended up actually a portion of all the unlucky narratives that took area in the story line.

A single might think, “Then just adjust the name of the character now.” Of class that would be superior than what it is now, but it doesn’t modify the basis. As prolonged as Significant Strike continues to connect with it the ‘BTS Drama’, all the roles in the drama are right and indirectly connected to the BTS users.

It has been various days since admirers have been speaking up on this make any difference and Huge Strike still has however to release a statement.


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