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A younger hanbok designer lively in Jeonju, Jeonbuk, was launched to the New York Moments, a global media outlet.

In accordance to Jeonju City on the 24th, the New York Situations noted an short article on the modern putting on of Hanbok by K-pop stars these kinds of as BTS, Black Pink, SHINee, and EXO on the 19th.

The newspaper stated, “Hanbok, a traditional Korean costume, was typically worn on holidays, but it is staying reinterpreted by up to date Korean designers. It is specifically well-liked many thanks to the sporting of Hanbok by K-pop stars. K-POP stars. At the rear of them putting on hanbok is a hanbok designer who reinterprets tradition with a young feeling.

The New York Times pointed out designer Hwang I-Seul (33) as a consultant.

Designer Hwang, who was born and raised in Jeonju, at this time runs’Risle’, a lifestyle hanbok brand name in Jeonju, and is acknowledged as modern day hanbok and new hanbok, and is regarded one of the associates of dwelling hanbok with a modern-day aesthetic.

In specific, amid the associates of the team BTS (BTS) who received the 2018 Melon Music Awards, the pants’Sapok Slacks’ worn by Jimin was widely recognized for her style and design and attained attractiveness. Designer Hwang was also in demand of the IDOL stage costume for BTS.

Designer Hwang, who is marketing residing hanbok in 52 nations around the world all over the earth, just lately recorded 230,000 likes and 1,000 comments on SNS (Instagram) through collaboration with the blended team KARD. In distinct, it is recognised that Brazil, Mexico and Chile are getting great interest from South America.

At the ‘2018 Melon Songs Awards’ held on the 1st, BTS Jimin is dancing in a admirer dance wearing a hanbok built by Hwang Yi-seul, the CEO of Jeonju, Jeonju Hanbok corporation in Jeonbuk (Source Twitter @mighty_jimin) 2018.12. Reporter Lim Choong-sik

Designer Hwang is at this time energetic as a member of Jeonju Hanbok Daul Madang and is actively participating in various hanbok revitalization projects promoted by Jeonju Town. He was also the normal supervisor at the’Jeonju Hanbok Five Senses’ function held for 3 days from the 16th.

Designer Hwang stated, “I am quite very pleased that Hanbok is acquiring around the globe notice.” “My top goal is to make Hanbok a daily existence that all people enjoys irrespective of human body style and age, and understand the life of Hanbok.”

Moon-seong Cho, head of the common cultural heritage part of Jeonju City, stated, “I am pretty happy and grateful that Jeonju Riseul Hanbok is spreading the elegance of Korea and Jeonju all about the earth.” Jeonju Town will keep on to aid the routines of proficient hanbok designers, And I will work tougher for globalization.”


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