“I do not even give the bare minimum wage by taking someone else’s kid’s military
“The conflict amongst Chu Miae and Yoon Seok-yeol does not make the people are living nicely”
“If I have a large amount of antis, it indicates getting president”

[양주=뉴시스] On the afternoon of the afternoon of the 18th, President Heo Kyung-youthful of the Countrywide Revolutionary Bash is interviewing with Newsis at’Haeul Palace’ in Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do. 2020.11.19
[양주=뉴시스]Seong-yoon Bae Reporter Music Joo-hyun = “Isn’t really it in Japan now. Conscription is a letter manufactured by Japanese. What is the conscription process? The conscription method is the bare minimum wage program in the country suitable now? ? (As a consequence) you just take 2 million gained per thirty day period.”

‘Bonja Heo’ This is a tip of the president of the Countrywide Revolutionary Occasion, Huh Kyung-yeong (70).

Governor Heo explained, “(For numerous reasons) I insisted on the recruitment process from 30 a long time back, but it is absolutely extremely hard to pamper persons for a number of years mainly because the recruitment process was not offered,” he stressed that the introduction of the recruitment system should not be delayed any more.

When he was running for the 17th presidential election, he proposed the introduction of a recruitment method as a pledge. In advance of the 4·15 standard election, the Democratic Party also considered the introduction of a recruitment method as a pledge.

Governor Huh clarified his posture on BTS, specifically in relation to the dispute around specific circumstances of armed service support that sparked fire in the political globe.

“We actively support military services assistance particular cases for K-pop stars who are popularizing the Republic of Korea like BTS.”

On the afternoon of the afternoon of the 18th, President Huh stated, “By an special interview with Newsis at’Haneul Palace,’ Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, where he lived and the headquarters of the Countrywide Revolutionary Bash, “I do,” he reported.

He also lifted his voice to debates in the political world.

Governor Huh reported, “There are a large amount of talks about the armed service company trouble of the son of President Hoi-chang Lee in the past, and this time, the son of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae is dying, but now is not the time to battle more than this sort of a difficulty. Is that the career to fight?” did.

Heo’s judgment is that it would never have occurred if the recruitment technique experienced been in area.

On the other hand, Governor Heo refused to discuss about political difficulties and disputes concerning the opposition get-togethers.

“I am not interested in the conflict among Justice Minister Chu Miae and Prosecutor Basic Yoon Seok-yeol,” he claimed briefly, declaring, “It won’t look like a fight to make the folks dwell very well. It is really a electricity video game.”

He even laughed at simplicity, stating, “There is no regret at all” about the opposition to himself.

“Anti is proof that there are a lot of layers of assistance for me. My opponents are my supporters. Every time somebody appears, there is opposition. Yin and Yang are intended to exist. Earth also has day and evening. Fifty percent. The complete world simply cannot often be daytime,” he spelled out.

“There are persons who converse extremely badly, but there are a great deal of individuals who speak really fantastic. Other folks will not get cursed like me. The participate in and the perform are in conflict. The participate in is founded,” he explained. “I have a ton of anti-anti. The matter is to become president.”

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