BTS V (Photo = YouTube BANGTANTV capture)
BTS V (Picture = YouTube BANGTANTV seize)

[뉴스웍스=이동헌 기자] Group BTS (BTS) member V caught the attention of admirers with a video clip contact selfie MV.

On the 21st, BTS posted a video for every single member of’Life Goes On (Movie Contact ver.)’ on their official YouTube account’BANGTANTV’.

V’s genuine name’Kim Tae-hyung’ penned as the sender was exhilaration alone, and followers cheered when V appeared in a online video that appeared to reproduce the video clip phone reception monitor.

V, who arrived with a dandy appear of a brown knit and white shirt, had a neat hairstyle and modest visual appeal. Nevertheless, his sculptural visual appeal and distinctive ambiance stimulated the hearts of the viewers.

In the video clip,’Life Goes On’, the title track of the’BE’ album, arrived out. V looked at the display screen with a pleasant look and humming the track.

V explained, “I am so grateful to Army, and thanks to me, I turned a pleased particular person. BTS ♡ Military. We Purple U.” At the end, V’s signature’face heart’ impressed ARMYs all-around the earth.
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