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Group Black Pink’s Jenny has reached a hot subject by surpassing 1 million subscribers on the day of her personalized YouTube channel, and global fans’ fascination is pouring over 5 million subscribers in two weeks.

On the 16th of past month, which was her birthday, Jenny announced the opening of her individual YouTube channel’Jennierubyjane’ and uploaded a movie of’Hello globe, Fom Jennie.

World-wide followers flocked to the news of Jenny’s opening of a YouTube channel, and the amount of subscribers lightly exceeded 100,000, and the video clip exceeded 1 million in 11 several hours. As of 11:30 a.m. on the 3rd, the number of subscribers is 501 million. Jenny, who recognized world wide reputation by expanding subscribers each 2nd, has a lot less than 50 percent of the diamond button that she receives when she exceeds 10 million subscribers.

Photo = Jenny Youbute Capture
Photograph = Jenny Youbute Capture

In her initial video, Jenny celebrated the opening of her YouTube channel and showed off her several charms from the lovely every day search to the cover of the Disney animation’Rapunzel’ OST’When will my daily life get started.

In the meantime, Black Pink, which Jenny belongs to, is acknowledged as’YouTube Queen’. The quantity of subscribers as nicely as the number of posted online video sights by yourself is 10 billion. Black Pink’s YouTube channel subscribers exceeded 50 million in Oct final yr, location a document for the first Korean YouTube channel as a K-pop artist.

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