ASTRO‘s oldest member and principal vocalist MJ had a guest visual appeal on Learn In The Home–and entirely ashamed Eunwoo!

In the episodes, all the MCs brought their ideal buddy to a roller rink, so Eunwoo introduced in MJ!

“We are in the identical group, so even if we fight, we simply cannot quit remaining good friends,” claimed Eunwoo when introducing him, eliciting a chuckle from absolutely everyone existing.

“It’s like a enterprise connection!” joked Tremendous Junior‘s Eunhyuk, who was guest-starring as perfectly.

Eunwoo denied it, declaring that it was not like that, but MJ just took it in stride: “It’s an everlasting friendship!”

A different MC then asked MJ if he understood that episode’s grasp, Uhm Jung Hwa, and her tunes, so he burst into music!

Dancing on roller skates, having said that, is not uncomplicated, no subject how proficient you are on solid ground, so MJ was slipping and sliding as he danced.

“You are a hyper a single!” commented MC Lee Sung Gi.

“I am pretty hyper!” MJ agreed, right before practically slipping. He would’ve absolutely fallen if Eunwoo wasn’t there to capture him!

“I under no circumstances knew ASTRO experienced these kinds of a hyper member,” continued Sung Gi.

Eunwoo then experienced to inform every person that MJ is ASTRO’s mood-maker.

“Is your voice generally high-pitched, even in the morning?”

MJ wasn’t the slightest bit thrown off by the concern.

“Yes, I am often pretty hyper,” he explained enthusiastically, “So my voice is significant-pitched.”

MC Yang Se Hyeong then exposed Eunwoo!

“It appears like Eunwoo is a minor embarrassed!” he exclaimed.

MJ could not think it!

“Are you ashamed of me?!” he asked loudly.

“I’m… A small little bit embarrassed,” Eunwoo disclosed shyly. “It’s as well early to be accomplishing this!”

MJ, of system, knew that Eunwoo was teasing, so he burst out laughing… And just about fell in excess of yet again!

“Stay still!” Eunwoo then told him sternly as he picked him up, earning everyone chuckle again.

“‘Stay even now!’” Sung Gi recurring. “I’ve never ever read him say that!”

MJ could not halt laughing!

From time to time, your best pals are the kinds who embarrass you the most but you really like them however, and that is absolutely the case with Eunwoo and MJ!
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