An additional netizen ‘C‘ has occur ahead to declare that they had been bullied by (G)I-DLE’s Soojin in middle college. 

On February 21, after an initial faculty bullying submit elevated towards the (G)I-DLE member made headlines, this netizen has made a decision to compose their individual publish on an online local community. 

This netizen’s article notably caused issue from lots of onlookers, owing to the simple fact that as “evidence” of their statements, they uploaded a copy of their college attendance data files. Though some of the most important particulars this kind of as their identify, photograph, and governing administration ID amount ended up blocked out, netizens nervous that the file however uncovered enough data that any person attempting to monitor the man or woman down would be in a position to uncover their identification easily. 

(allkpop has blurred out the doc for privateness uses.)

In their submit, ‘C’ claimed that she attended Wawoo Center College, but was not in the exact same class as Soojin. But according to ‘C’, Soojin was acknowledged to absolutely everyone in the university because of to the fact that she stood outside the school’s rear gate and stopped lots of little ones, demanding that the “sunbaes” were “gathering revenue”. ‘C’ alleged that Soojin generally did this and stole cash from children, and was also accompanied by an more mature male university student who had a record of attending “juvenile detention”. 

‘C’ then also allegedly recalled that Soojin was caught cigarette smoking on school grounds on a number of situations and attained down-marks from the faculty. 

On one more event, ‘C’ claimed that Soojin tried to steal her ‘The North Face’ coat from her. When ‘C’ refused to give Soojin the coat, Soojin allegedly slapped ‘C’ and remaining “nail scars” on her cheek. Afterward, Soojin then ongoing to “trouble” ‘C’ by drawing on ‘C’s coat with long-lasting marker. 

‘C’ before long confessed these situations to her parents, and finally moved away from Wawoo Center School. 

At last, ‘C’ wrote that she will not eliminate her on the internet local community put up in anyway, and pressured that if her write-up is eradicated from the web site, it would be because of to either the web-site deleting the post or because of to Dice Entertainment using action.
Author: world fandom social network


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