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Received7’s Jackson manufactured it impossible for our eyes to go away him in his latest tunes movie release!

Bought7’s Jackson starred in the film-like songs online video for his latest single “100 Ways” unveiled on March 20!

The Acquired7 member when yet again wowed the group as he flawlessly pulled off a standard warrior principle on his most current cinematic masterpiece!

Putting his husky singing voice in the highlight, the rapper ongoing to exhibit his progress as a multi-proficient musician in “100 Ways”—his newest solo English hit.

“There’s a hundred means to go away a lover/ I will not hold out a minute longer/ Hundred approaches to depart/ But I’m the only one that you need to have,” he sings in its very catchy chorus. It carries on the temper of the track’s lyrics which expresses how considerably a person cherishes their lover.

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Not only did Jackson amaze with his velvety vocals yet again, but he also showcased his impeccable techniques in dancing. In addition to moves that completely matched the flow of songs and rhythm of the music, the choreography for “100 Ways” also showed aspects of jutsu through the elaborate hand actions he carried out in the video that left several lovers in awe.

Apart from its amazing cinematography, the audio video for “100 Ways” is laudable for its attention-grabbing narrative as well as the incorporation of the rich historic Chinese society it is impressed by.

Surrounded by troopers all set for fight, Jackson usually takes the character of a fallen warrior summoned again to lifestyle in the music video clip. The Got7 member performs the ritual once more to revive his lover, whom he shared an intricate dance with prior to they perish once again.

Watch the songs video for “100 Ways” by Acquired7’s Jackson below:


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