BTS has tackled several unique themes and genres in their audio videos, but there are nevertheless so lots of additional they would slay. In this article are 6 ideas they haven’t completed however!

1. Felony/Mafia

This is just one of the most preferred alternate universe (AU) suggestions out there. Quite a few admirers have reimagined BTS’s users as kings of the underworld who can pull off heists like no 1 else.

These criminal personas are so as opposed to BTS’s real personalities that it would be interesting to see how the members consider on their roles. Who would be the mob manager? The conman? The corrupt cop?

| Massive Hit Entertainment/Facebook

performed the part of a gangster for BTS’s membership package. Now, we want much more!

2. Video Online games

Photograph a BTS x Ready Player One crossover, but make it a tunes movie as an alternative. What form of adventures would they take Military on? Would it be an action-packed trip like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds…

…or maybe a retro arcade video game that is identical to these principle pics?

| Vogue/

3. Horror/Thriller

In a game of survival there’s only just one rule: believe in no just one. Darkish and suspenseful horror AUs are remarkable, unpredictable, and always depart you seeking much more.

| Large Hit Labels/Youtube

Interactive, fanmade Twitter stories like @flirtaus‘ Outcast and @filmfics‘ The Silent One have offered ARMYs a style of what a BTS horror MV might be like.

| Massive Strike Labels/Youtube

4. Science Fiction

Cyborgs, time machines, intergalactic battles, and head-blowing know-how? Certainly, be sure to! Some of BTS’s audio movies like “N.O” MV and “Heartbeat” MV have dipped their toes into the waters of science fiction, but we have still to see a really hard science fiction idea.

5. Supernatural Creatures

When BTS dropped their movie pics, some enthusiasts were hoping to see videos based on each and every thought. How great would it be to see Jin battling zombies in the BTS Universe? How about BTS as vampires?

| Huge Strike Leisure/Weverse

BTS’s “IDOL” MV and a variety of dwell performances carry elements of common Korean lifestyle to present day. It would be appealing to see BTS’s choose on supernatural creatures from Korean folklore, like the gumiho (fox spirit)…

…as noticed in Tale of the 9-Tailed.

6. High Fantasy

Most of BTS’s songs movies are based on present working day reality, but it would be pleasurable to see BTS go on an epic journey identical to “ON” MV, but with magic.

| Large Hit Labels/Youtube

BTS could be elves, fairies, wizards, dragons, knights in shining armor, or darkish sorcerors. The opportunities are limitless!


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