Even though most “controversies” in K-Pop have folks leaning 1 way, there have been some times in K-Pop that had lovers and netizens divided. In this article are 4 “controversial” times in K-Pop that experienced enthusiasts and netizens divided.

1. Lee Hyori & Girls’ Technology Yoona’s karaoke controversy

Yoona (Remaining) & Lee Hyori (Appropriate)

In 2020, Lee Hyori gained tons of attention and love for her conclusion to return to the leisure field by means of the display Hangout with Yoo. In this show, Lee Hyori shaped a songs group named SSAK3 together with Yoo Jae Suk and Rain.

However, some controversy arose when Lee Hyori and Yoona held a stay broadcast, as the two been given some backlash for likely to a karaoke location and not putting on a mask in the midst of COVID-19.

Lee Hyori finished up putting on a mask later in the broadcast, and Yoona defined that she wore a mask while heading to the karaoke location and took it off when she arrived.

Regardless of the two releasing apologies, netizens ended up divided about their opinions concerning Lee Hyori’s functions with SSAK3. Some of them thought that Lee Hyori must go away SSAK3 and Hangout with Yoo due to her steps.

“I want you to depart the clearly show.”

“I ask that you depart the demonstrate.”

— Netizens

On the other hand, some netizens considered that she ought to stay on the demonstrate, as she had apologized for her steps.

“She certainly should not depart the demonstrate. That is ridiculous…”

“Are you severely telling her to leave the exhibit for this? Cheer up, Hyori!!”

— Netizens

In the conclude, Lee Hyori ended up remaining on Hangout with Yoo and SSAK3.

2. TREASURE’s deal with of WINNER’s “Really Really”

When TREASURE guested on KBS CoolFM radio program Kang Han Na’s Volume Up, they did a include of WINNER’s “Really Really”. Some Korean supporters thought that the complete efficiency was “disrespectful towards WINNER and supporters in normal”, as some of the members seemingly “did not even know the lyrics”.

“It’s not cost-free karaoke time, men. T-T There is a line that should not be crossed… Even supporters cannot excuse them for this actions.”

“Wow… they really flunked this.”

“You know, I could really be able to excuse the absence of expertise. But the behaviors? What the f*ck is erroneous with them?”

— Korean supporters

Even so, other followers came to TREASURE’s defense, as a lot of international lovers had been fine with the laidback vibe of the efficiency.

3. 2 times Jihyo’s “aggressive tone” in her messages

During the 2019 MAMA, Jihyo went missing for a shorter period of time of time. Some admirers speculated her disappearance was linked to Kang Daniel, who Jihyo is dating. 

Jihyo eventually decided to address her disappearance, but her concept received some combined opinions. Jihyo lashed out at the “attention needy” admirers who “blabbered” about why she went missing.

Also, in her concept, Jihyo applied the Korean time period “웅앵웅”, which is a extremely casual kind of on the net language. The expression is usually made use of on social media platforms to either 1. shorten, in similarity to English’s “Blah-di-blah” or “Da-da-da” or 2. disregard complaining opinions, like in the way English’s “Or whatever” does.

Jihyo also exhibited a “sorry not sorry” mindset in her concept.

Whens (TWICE’s fandom) have been break up about Jihyo’s aggressive tone in the message, as some thought that it was offensive and unprofessional.

Ah… Uh… I was not going to connect with out anybody, but what’s going on Jihyo…? I get that it’s difficult for you, but lashing out only hurts your admirers. Just can’t you use gentler terms? Can not you be a very little a lot more considerate of ONCEs and check out what you say? This is… This is really…

— Twitter @LoveYouTzuyu

Jihyo, I get you did not like listening to this and that about by yourself but if contacting them unusual and “attention needy” people would make you truly feel any much better, then I mean… I truly have very little to say to that. Great for you, I guess.

— Twitter @minatozakisamna

On the other hand, others assumed that her straightforwardness was confident and enjoyable.

I feel Jihyo is awesome though. I regard her. I believe the way she dishes specifics is something I could find out from her. Persons tripping in excess of her messages are almost certainly the types who distribute rumors about her. Idiots. Jihyo did not say anything at all improper. She only served details. What’s the challenge?

— Twitter @MinaChaeng_Luv

What the LOL Park Jihyo is fricking remarkable LOL I’m cracking up so poor, haha. Oh male, Jihyo is seriously the most effective.

— Twitter @jihyo_chungha

4. Kakao M’s determination to sue a fan that broadcasted IU’s concert 

A admirer when got sued by IU’s company, Kakao M, thanks to them broadcasting IU’s live performance. While the broadcast was “audio-only”, the company still found the fan’s habits unacceptable (and unlawful by Korean regulation, to be exact).

Photo not connected

Nevertheless, netizens were divided about the agency’s final decision, as some believed that this kind of a drastic measure wasn’t needed, although other individuals considered it was appropriate.

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