Just about any lover can tell you that K-pop doesn’t mess all around when it will come to generating tunes videos. They by no means hesitate to incorporate flashy digital effects or zany costumes that make a assertion and stand out from the group. So it only will make sense that K-pop tunes videos regularly tread into psychedelic territory. Although there are a good deal of ultra trippy music films out there, this listing focuses on individuals that tend to rely on lighting effects, daring colors, and kinetic transitions — instead than absurd, nonsensical imagery — to develop mesmerizingly stunning psychedelic activities.

Without the need of even further ado, let’s dive suitable in!

Mystery NUMBER – “Got That Boom”

“Got That Boom” is dizzying and dazzling, many thanks to its streaky, rather blown highlights that make all the things truly feel a tiny out of concentration, additionally the girls’ sequin-significant outfits. Digital effects are interspersed well as nicely, making it seem to be virtually as if the members on their own are glitching out inside their LED paradise.



“GUNSHOT” takes colorful, psychedelic goodness and mixes it with anything that is devilishly dim, providing the songs online video an just about nightmarish vibe. The pictures of Jiwoo, in specific, make this music video extra chilling, due to the way she resembles a phantasm stemming from a rest terror, if not a little something more horrifying.


Hyolyn & Changmo – “Blue Moon”

Celestial sights and ocean waves double uncovered about Hyolyn give “Blue Moon” an ethereal vibe, which is increased by the song’s undulating synth line. In the meantime, the supernova-like hallucinatory imagery through Changmo’s verse provides an additional layer of out-of-this-worldness that actually hits the place.


DPR CREAM – “Color Drive”

This may not precisely be K-pop in the normal perception, but it appears nearly prison to not mention something from Desire Perfect Regime (if you know, you know). The shots of DPR Cream jamming out on the keyboard are specially psychedelic, although this music movie has plenty of other surreal scenes during.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=5atLlEdvjV0

CIX – “Jungle”

The mixture of disorienting perspective shifts and a rippling, coloration-shifting overhead LED show tends to make “Jungle” really the intellect-bending observe. The recurring motif of outstretched hands greedy for that which is just out of get to also contributes to this tunes video’s trippy experience, not to point out it adds an air of creepiness.

KNK – “Sunset”

“Sunset” will make great use of double eyesight results, significant distinction shots, and a rainbow of amazing colors to generate a captivating experience that fluctuates between getting Seoul Fashion Week-all set and delirium-inducing. The juxtaposition of lower mild scenes and blindingly vibrant monochrome kinds is specially pleasant, as it makes this tunes video clip all the more dynamic.


Ravi – “Nirvana”

Although this audio online video probably won’t support you truly achieve Nirvana, it’s confident to make your head spin all the same, what with its intoxicating transitions and outcomes that distort both Ravi and the landscape all-around him. In addition, the use of vivid hues pulled straight from a lucid desire lends “Nirvana” a picturesque ambiance that feels otherworldly but familiar.


NCT U – “Make A Want (Birthday Song)”

Just one needs only to glimpse at the thumbnail of this tunes video to know it is a authentic visible handle, and not just simply because of the NCT U boys themselves. “Make A Would like (Birthday Song)” pulls viewers into an alternate dimension, periodically employing fisheye standpoint and stunning kaleidoscopic results, alongside with striking shades, to create a wondrous, topsy-turvy realm.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=tyrVtwE8Gv0

TXT – “The Aspiration Chapter: MAGIC”

Nevertheless this is technically a notion trailer, not a legitimate music video, it is considerably too enchanting to not contain below. It’s awesome how projected graphics and intelligent camerawork rework the uncomplicated canvas of a white place into an at any time-switching dreamlike landscape, with the finishing touch currently being the members’ seemingly gravity-defying actions.



The soft bloom influence and luminous shade plan applied in “EYEZ EYEZ,” together with the occasional distortion outcome, give this tunes video clip a beautiful iridescent, hazy look all all over. Exactly where this tunes video truly shines, however, is throughout the intro and verses, especially when the photographs melt and blur with each other as if staying washed away by waves.


Chungha – “Roller Coaster”

Component astral fantasy, section warehouse rave, “Roller Coaster” is a stimulating look at from beginning to conclude. Although I want the pictures wherever Chungha and her dancers don sparkling jackets amidst a blizzard of multi-coloured orbs, the radioactive neon outfits are also fairly the psychedelic sight, particularly when mixed with glow-in-the-darkish make-up.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=900X9fDFLc4

BoA – “CAMO”

At occasions, this music online video feels like a operate of contemporary artwork fit for MoMA, especially when radiant roses creep their way up BoA’s leg, or when loaded, abstract models spill across her face. Not only that, but the concentric layouts that include the floor during the indoor dance scenes include a different dimension to this songs video, making an optical illusion-like outcome.


WJSN – “I Wish”

“I Wish” feels like a pleasurable daydream, thanks to its Lisa Frank shade palette and cotton candy skies. Though it may not be the most awe-inducing of the bunch, partly owing to its basic deficiency of frenetic consequences, this tunes online video yet has a selected psychedelic high-quality that will leave you wondering if unicorns may well be authentic soon after all.


A.C.E – “Callin’”

Ghosting, strobing colors, stuttering frames — as considerably as psychedelic results go, you name it, this audio video’s received it. In point, there’s so much going on in “Callin’” that some might uncover it a minimal as well chaotic, perhaps to the position of being headache-triggering. That reported, the wild, jumbled nature of this tunes video is specifically what makes it so spectacularly psychotropic and entrancing.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=6uuBP8r3NV4

2 times – “MORE & MORE”

“MORE & MORE” takes all the vibrancy and motion of a kaleidoscope and channels it into Two times, producing a swirl of colors and designs that clash nevertheless perfectly complement just about every other at the identical time. The outcomes used all through the first refrain and the bridge are in particular eye-catching and bewitchingly trippy.


Which psychedelic audio video clips do you come across visually spectacular? Enable us know in the opinions below! 

seheee is a program engineer by day and an avid K-pop live performance goer by night. She also occasionally makes an visual appeal on Twitter (@_seheee).

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