Posts relevant to Chinese anti-American assist such as Victoria, Sungso, and Ray have been posted on Weibo


Soon after appearing via a Korean agency, he unilaterally returned to China and was criticized for’predation’, and supported China’s violent suppression of Hong Kong citizens. Then, this time, I praised the Chinese gaze that distorted the Korean War. At this point, shouldn’t we have to revisit their identity?

Associates from China in the K-POP idol group created an additional “failure”. Victoria from F(X), Gyeolgyeong Joo from Pristine, Exo Ray, and area lady Sungso, Migi, and Goodwill posted on the Chinese variation of Weibo, supporting the meaning of “anti-American aid”.

‘Anti-American aid’ is the title the Chinese connect with the Korean War. The anniversary, which means’the war that helped Joseon in opposition to the United States’, is not the 25th of June when the war broke out, but the 25th of October, when the Chinese People’s Assist Army gained their first victory.

Of course, Korean netizens rebelled. Eventually, they even went up to a nationwide petition to prohibit their functions in Korea.

This is not the very first time a controversy has arisen about the writings and perceptions of Chinese idols.

f(x) Victoria, EXO Ray, Pristine Ju Gyeong-gyeong, Got7 Jackson, Universe Girl Sanctuary, Seventeen The8 and Jun, Children Woo-gi, Wave (NCT China Action Group), and so forth. ‘There are 1.4 billion guardians of Oh Sung Hongki. I am a countrywide flag guardian’. Also,’I assistance the Hong Kong police. Strike me Hong Kong is ashamed.’

At that time, accusations of the Chinese govt and Hong Kong law enforcement who violently suppressed the rally of Hong Kong citizens raged around the environment. They criticized Hong Kong citizens, supported the Hong Kong police, and sooner or later represented China’s place. Naturally, accusations arose.

Some even challenged the ‘enclosed hug’, stating that the Chinese governing administration would have set force on them to submit and act like this. Even so, they had no decision but to go after seen outcomes instead than’guessing’ that could not be confirmed, and as a outcome, they ended up in a place to oppose democracy and favor violence.

It is not just for supporting record distortion and violence that Chinese idols have begun to be criticized. This is for the reason that they often gave the notion of “using Korea and ultimately betraying their agency for revenue and sprung to China.”

Tremendous Junior Hankyung, Delicious, EXO’s Chris, Luhan, Tao, and Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin from Wanna One particular obtained acceptance in China as a Korean Wave star, and they submitted a lawsuit versus their agency to invalidate their distinctive contracts. They mentioned they would go back again to China and do their very own activities, and built complications with contract phrases and settlement difficulties.

Possibly for this cause, the latest movement to make an idol from China debut is less than in the earlier. Soon after the Chinese idol members’ impression of ‘Fuck’ deepened, SM’s world wide team, NCT’s Lucas, Kun, Earn-win, Runzum, Chinler, and Everglow are such. The range of notable Chinese users reduced.

At this level, you ought to talk to if they will need their existence. When forming an idol team in the earlier, one particular of the causes for accepting trainees from numerous nations around the world was the pursuit of’global’. In addition, it was also productive that language and cultural obstacles could be very easily broken when moving into the nation.

Even so, even if it consists of only Korean trainees, there is no issue in creating a placement as a world-wide group. Relatively, it is even stated that if it is a K-pop idol, it is not ideal to consist only of Koreans.

Of study course, this is not to discriminate towards foreign trainees. It is widespread perception that individuals who have dreamed of’Korean Dream’ following viewing K-pop singers know about the history of Korea and the value that Koreans pursue ahead of asking for the desire and like of Korean followers. At the very least, if you are a K-pop singer who performs with Korea as a foundation camp

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